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Are you finally ready to:
  • Be excited when others ask you about the events of the Exodus, sharing insight and understanding from verified historical information?
  • ​Get a deeper understanding and knowledge of the events of The Exodus, while having your faith reinforced by the Patterns of Evidence found concerning the events from Exodus?
  • ​Learn the little known facts that very few know about the mysteries of the timeline of the Israelites in Egypt, once and for all?
""Moving Wall of History" - inspired interpretation! I've been a history buff all of my life, so I'm used to dealing with multiple dates and differing opinions. The moving wall demonstrating dates and events is brilliant! The interviews with various historians are enlightening, to say the least. It's amazing how determined some are to resist new evidence. Over all, I would give this movie a "10" if I could. It's long, but then the subject is complex. Grab some popcorn & take a few breaks...it's 2 hours in length but well worth every minute!"

-  Deborah D
"Excellent, very persuasive argument for the validity of the Biblical record of the Exodus and the settling of the Israelites in Canaan. It was also an indictment of the archaeological field and their allowing their "world-views" to dictate the facts, rather than allowing the facts to dictate their worldview."

-  Denise H
"This is absolutely the most provocative informational film i have had the privilege to own. I am great full that the film makers spent the time, money and energy to bring this to the public. If there was a way to give it (7) Stars I would. This film is definitely worth your while to watch, and then to own, so you can show others."

-  Wayne
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